Sound Design and Coffee

This is a view from the Faema Flagship Store in Milano, during the FuoriSalone week (September 2021).

I created the sound design for the wall projection. The main challenge is that these sounds have to coexist, without being intrusive, with other music (in this case a playlist by the Berlin-based label Jazz-o-Tech).

Architecture and Scenography :

Graphic Design :

Music :

New collection of sounds for electric cars

Renault announced the upcoming collection of new sounds for electric cars.

After 3 years of work in the shadows, this is the moment from which I can finally communicate about this new creation.

In this post from Renault’s blog :

Nicolas Misdariis and Laurent Worms revisit the long collaboration between IRCAM and Renault, of which I’m lucky enough to be part. The video was shot inside IRCAM, always a breath-taking view.

Low-Intrusiveness Notification Sounds

With this collection of notification sounds I close a project that started 2 years ago.

The main goal was to create low-intrusiveness sounds for everyday use.However, the project has gone beyond a simple exercise in sound design. It has become a journey to the border between conscious and subconscious listening : an exploration of how the self and external reality are not separated by a clear and sharp line, but by an infinite layer of interactions.

Thanks to Sean Michael Lawler for the drawings which appear on the 3 collections’ covers – and to the people who helped testing the sounds.

Pre Wake-Up Sounds

I created a collection of sounds which try to awaken the brain out of sleep in the least invasive way possible, as slowly and gently as possible. This video shows one of them at work :

You can download and test it from here :


These pre wake-up sounds have two features :
1) they delicately infiltrate our auditory system during sleep, activating conscious brain activities in a gradual way (instead of the sudden activation caused by a traditional wake-up sound).
2) they offer a low intrusiveness sound when the person is awake (instead of the highly intrusive sounds of traditional wake-up sounds).

These alarms are not aimed at waking you up at all costs. If you are in a very deep sleep, it could happen that your brain will continue to dream. So, don’t use these alarms if you absolutely need to wake up to catch a plane, or to go to a meeting. In this case, combine them with a traditional, intrusive alarm, maybe set 5 minutes later.


_(lockdown ideas)_ : some old work based on data/video/sound transmission between distant places

Zoom Up (2010)

– networked musical performance between two players
– bilateral transmission of video and performance data (not audio)
– between Paris and Graz


Invisible Line (2009)

– interaction between 2 persons in separate locations
– bilateral transmission of body analysis data and low-res image
– between Hamburg and Genova)


They are Here (2008)

– 2 networked spaces
– unilateral transmission of video and sound from outside to inside


Reactive Ambient Music (2004)

– unilateral transmission of sound from different parts of a building / also used to transform the soundscape of home


Sounds for a new L&L – Luce&Light stand

This is a test for a [lights + words + sound] exhibition stand by L&L Luce&Light srl, which was meant to be presented at Light+Building 2020 in Frankfurt (postponed because of C19). Architecture and light design by traverso-vighy architetti; narration concept and texts by Carlo Presotto; sounds by me; technique by Giochi di luce.

Five Ringtones


Five ringtones for peaceful people.
Low intrusiveness, low urgency, low annoyance.

Watch here a smartphone playing a few excerpts :

For many of us, today’s common ringtones are acoustically intrusive, create a feeling of unnecessary hurry and become annoying in the long term : just look at a person desperately scrambling to answer a loud phone in a quiet train, while other passengers look and frown.
The ringtones of this collection explore the opposite direction.
They are discreet (low intrusiveness), occupy as little acoustical space as possible, and because of their precision can be diffused at low volume.
They suggest a calm action (low urgency) – they don’t push the user to answer immediately, thanks to their slow temporality.
They are sustainable in the long term (low annoyance), because they limit as much as possible elements (like melodies or grooves) that provoke unnecessary cognitive load.

From psychoacoustics to soundscape studies, intrusiveness, urgency and annoyance are well studied features of audio signals. Today we are aware of their negative effects on mental states and mood. We also know which dimensions of sound can cause these negative effects.
It is impossible to completely remove intrusiveness, urgency and annoyance : part of these effects depends on variables (background noise, cognitive elements, personality types…) which cannot be controlled. But it is possible to minimize the negative impact of sounds signals around us. Sounds like these ringtones are a first step towards a less nervous life.

Use these ringtones when you are planning to stay in quiet soundscapes (ex. in a bookstore, inside your house, at the beach…). Associate these sounds to the contacts for which you don’t need (or don’t want) to rush to the telephone.
Play them at low volume.