A personal, small, independent project : Pink Squirrels (in collaboration with curator Steve Paterson of Plakart and artist/videomaker Dimitrjie Roggero).

"Pink Squirrels" (2015) de Dimitrije Roggero et Andrea Cera from Plakart on Vimeo.

The Pink Squirrels project is a near-future fiction, about the suicide of our culture, a ritual performed according to the laws of invasive entertainment. It depicts the damaged brain of a person affected by the “Tom Cruise Enacting Script Disorder”, an imaginary personality disorder [ ], in a post-catastrophe Italy, among the last living persons, mentally and physically destroyed by the evolution of more and more penetrating forms of entertainment. The not-so-distant ills described in the text are : the “Compulsory Fitness Syndrome”, the damages inflicted by new psychotropics twisted drinks, the “Portfolio Tactile Feedback” market crash in Chinese stock markets, the effect on adolescents of the the “Simu-Suicide” kits, the “Tele-Me Syndrome” [ ].


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