After the Gate Machines

In the frame of the Skat-VG project, I was invited with four other fellows sound designers to create sketches for the sonification of an artwork from the collection of the Chateau La Coste (in South France), using Skat-VG technology (synthesis controlled by voice).
This is my choice (“AIX”, sculpture by Richard Serra) and the sketch I concocted. All sounds are SDT (Sound Design Toolkit) and Mubu/CataRT, except for a sample of breeze through leaves that I layered in the mix (along with the synthetic wind from the SDT) to confound the listener about what is real and what not.
I imagined that we are in a not too distant future where the Gate Machines sprayed the world with swarms of metallic audio nano-agents, changing forever the natural soundscape. The passage in the sky of the Gate Machines woke up their ancestors, and they are calling them.


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