Renault Trezor

In 2016 I collaborated with IRCAM and Renault on the signature of the Renault Trezor engine sound. You can listen to the engine sound it in this teaser (mixed with music) :

Or, with more details, in the following video, where I used in-car-camera footage to have a visual ground to help me develop the race-car components of the sound :

The sound of the Trezor is based on the Zoé sound signature, which we created in 2010/2011, but features a different personality, somewhat unpredictable and dangerous, with traces of combustion race engines, meant to evoke the voice of the great sport cars of the 60s and 70s.

The Trezor, a beautiful electric concept car, won the “2016 Concept Car Design of the Year” prize.

Other moments of my collaboration designing sounds with Renault can be found here :

Sound for Renault INITIALE

Sound for Renault FRENDZY

Interview Le Monde

Papers about Renault ZOE

Click to access eVADER_WS1_21_11_2013_7_Misdariis.pdf


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