Renault Symbioz Sound Design – Better Sound 2018 Audio Branding Academy

The sound design project for Renault Symbioz (in collaboration with IRCAM and Renault Innovation Lab) has received a nomination from the Audio Branding Academy, an international group of professionals, for “Better Sound 2018” – International Sound Awards.

A new electric autonomous demo car, the Renault Symbioz represents Renault’s vision of the automobile for 2030. The car was unveiled at the Frankfort Motor Show in 2017 and journalists had the chance to test it. To curate the sonic aspects of this project, in 2016 an industrial collaboration was initiated between Renault’s Design/Innovation Lab departments, and IRCAM’s Sound Perception and Design Team, represented by engineer-researcher Nicolas Misdariis, and sound designer Andrea Cera. The Renault Symbioz sound design project offered two challenges: the design of an external sound to warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence, and the design of a collection of sounds for the car’s interior.


Audio Branding Academy page on Renault Symbioz :

Interview with Andrea Cera and Nicolas Misdariis (IRCAM) :


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