Sound of Music”, songs and orchestrations for a Broadway-style conceptual show by Jan Duyvendak

A Christmas Eve”, chamber opera for 2 voices, 2 acteors, string quartet, percussions, electronics. Text and mise-en-scène by Ricci/Forte, conductor Marco Angius – Spoleto, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale “A.Belli”


War Games”, for 50 percussion players, commission from the festival “Le Printemps des Arts” in Monaco Monte-Carlo.

Temperaments”, electroacoustic composition for Affari Esteri’s “Temperaments” dance quartet.

When They Sing” electroacoustic composition and video for the “Motopoetique” exhibition in MAC – Lyon.

Le Cinema Emotif”, collaboration with Marie-Laure Cazin for an interactive movie in which the plot is influenced by the viewer’s EEG.


Initiale Paris” : in collaboration with IRCAM and BOSE, the interior sound for a new concept car by Renault.

Twin’z “ : in collaboration with IRCAM, sound signature for a concept car (Z28) by Renault : the Renault Twin’z, design by Ross Lovegrove.

Interactive Musical Battles” : musical database for a new set of games developed by Phonotonic.

Collection of soundfiles for “MotherTongue”, a choreography by Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer (Affari Esteri) for 13 dancers.


Collaboration with Peter Sinclair’s “RoadMusic” project, programming and sound design for an interactive soundscape.

Music for Mario Perrotta’s “Opera Migrante” project, conductor Marco Angius – Spoleto, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale “A.Belli”

Sound Design for Vincent Mantsoe’s solo “Skwatta”

Collaboration with Robert Wechsler’s MotionComposer project


Frendzy” Sound FX database for the new Renault Frendzy.

Database of sound loops for the Urban Musical Game, developed by IRCAM and No Design.

RealityOpera” project in Spoleto.

Music for Alessandra Marchi’s fashion show in the Milano’s subway. Choreographer : Roberto Castello.

Sound FXs and ambient tracks for “Opera for Fools” by Vincent Mantsoe (the soundtrack features songs by Isley Brothers, Temptations, Busi Mhlongo, Mzwake Mbuli, Nina Simone, Mariam Makeba…)


Sound design for the Renault DeZir

Reactive Ambient Music III” : HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design – Genève), “Archivologie” exhibition.

Zoom Up” : networked performance for 2 keyboards IRCAM – Paris / IEM – Graz

LINGS” (music for a choreography by Affari Esteri, choreographers Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer)

Next Days” : music for a choreography by Hervé Robbe, première in February


“Invisible Line” : sound design for an interactive, web-based installation, created in collaboration with IRCAM – Paris, Casa Paganini – InfoMus Lab (DIST – University of Genoa) and The Hochschule für Musik und Theater – Hamburg.


“Les ombres d’une guerre sans nom” : music for a choreography by Hervé Robbe – Opéra National de Lorraine, Nancy.


“Un appartement en centre ville” : music for a short film by Hervé Robbe and Vincent Bosc – Festival Météores – Le Havre >


“La tarentelle” : soundfiles for a “ciné-concert interactif” by Marie-Laure Cazin . Le Fresnoy, (Tourcoing) / Panorama 11 and Festival Wazemmes l’Accordéon


“Inside #####” : music for a choreography by Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer, Affari Esteri – CND Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis.


“Le cycle des nuits” : music for a theatre work based on texts by Alfred de Musset – direction by Lionel Parlier, video by Gilles Boustani – l’Opéra-Théâtre de Limoges, L’Avant-Seine – Colombes.


“They are here” : interactive installation presented at 104, in Paris – Watch interview on YouTube >


Music for the exposition “Double Je” by Hervé Robbe, Musée Malraux – Le Havre >


Pigre Divinità”, for 2 voices, violin, cello, percussion, soundfiles and actors : presented in Spoleto, Teatro Caio Melisso. Texts by Patrizia Cavalli, direction by Giorgio Pressburger.



Distacco” for voice, string quartet, piano, percussion and 4 actors, performed in Spoleto, Teatro Caio Melisso.


Superman et Moi” music for dance, choreography by Pascal Montrouge, voice by Danyel Waro : performance in St.Denis, Ile de la Reunion – tournée in Africa and France


Dueling Zombies” for small ensemble and computer (European Project INTEGRA) : performance in Parma, Festival Traiettorie, ensemble Court-Circuit, dir. Laurent Cuniot performance in Paris, IRCAM and in Birmingham Conservatoire, ensemble Court.Circuit, dir. Jean Deroyer.


Les Avenants”, music for a choreography by Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer, Affari Esteri. Première in Le Havre and Paris.




Terra Incognita”, with Armando Menicacci and Christian Delecluse – workshop and interactive installation @ Centre National de la Danse / Observatoire de Paris


OS” – music for a for a choreography by Pascal Montrouge @ festival Aujourd’hui Musiques Perpignan + tournée


So long baby, … love and songs will be” – music for an installation by Hervé Robbe @ Biennale du Havre + tournée


Livergon” – opera project selected for the Orpheus Competition




Blossom” – music for a film by Marie-Laure Cazin @ Intrusions 2005 Montbéliard


Nature” – sound installation @ Triennale Lab, Milano and Castello della Siza, Palermo. Commission Milano Musica


Airports” – music for a choreography by AFFARI ESTERI @ festival de danse de cannes


Dilution Fango” – sound installation for 6 CD players @ Versailles Off, Jardin du Chateau de Versailles


Collection of ubiquitous sounds for D.DAY exposition, in collaboration with Gerard Chiron @ Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.


“Undertones” – microinstallations for the house @ Galleria LipanjePuntin, Via di Montoro 10, Roma.


“Mutating Score” interactive music for a choreography by Hervé Robbe, Le Volcan, Le Havre.


“Reactive Ambient Music” sound installation (iPaq 3660 programming by Günter Geiger) : Panorama 6, Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Tourcoing.


“The Unquestioned Answer” music for a choreography by Hervé Robbe, Gulbenkian Ballet, Lisboa.



“Autour de Waves” installation (dance sequences by Hervé Robbe) : IRCAM, festival Resonances.


“NightRun” interactive installation (images by Vincent Bosc) : Panorama 5, Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Tourcoing.


“MIDIfreaks Corridor Catapulte” electronic version : for “Miniatures”, choreography by J.C.Maillot, les Ballets de MonteCarlo.


“MIDIfreaks Corridor Catapulte” for big band : commission by Festival le Printemps des Arts de Monaco – MonteCarlo. Performance in MonteCarlo, Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band.




“REW”, commission by Centre Choregraphique du Havre – Haute Normandie: music for a choreography by Hervé Robbe. Avant-première Culturgest, Lisboa, première in Cannes, October 2003. Tournée Aix-en-Provence, Le Havre, Cherbourg, Paris.


“Stuttering Piece” music for a choreography by Edmond Russo.


“+” sound installation for DVD player and 6 loudspeakers – Il Mulino per le Arti Visive, Vicenza.


“Innig” sound installation for 24 loudspeakers – Centre Georges Pompidou – Exposition Roland Barthes.


“L’arbre à Clous” music for a short film by Gilles Boustani.


“Murder in the Midifreaks Farm” for big band and soloists. 2nd Prize “Gustav Mahler” Kompositionspreis Klagenfurt. Broadcasted by ORF.


“Cinderella”, music for “Cendrillon”, multimedia installation by Aldo Lee. Reims, Le Manege.


“Permis de construire – Avis de demolition”, commission by Centre Choregraphique du Havre – Haute Normandie : music for installation and choreography by Herve’ Robbe. Tournee : Rouen, Le Havre, Metz, Annecy, Montpellier, Paris…


“Ganzfeld”, commission by Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et Danse de Paris : music for “Untitled for Ten”, choreography by Herve’ Robbe. In tournee with Junior Ballet CNSMDP. 


“The Spleen Sunsplash” for voice and jazz ensemble, Second Prize “Gustav Mahler” Composition Competition Klagenfurt. Broadcasted by ORF.


“Spielbergspiel” for pianoforte, performance Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza, pf. M.Moretti.


“Deliverance” for soprano sax and electronics, performed at IRCAM, Espace de Projection, sax Vincent David