Pre Wake-Up Sounds

I created a collection of sounds which try to awaken the brain out of sleep in the least invasive way possible, as slowly and gently as possible. This video shows one of them at work :

You can download and test it from here :


These pre wake-up sounds have two features :
1) they delicately infiltrate our auditory system during sleep, activating conscious brain activities in a gradual way (instead of the sudden activation caused by a traditional wake-up sound).
2) they offer a low intrusiveness sound when the person is awake (instead of the highly intrusive sounds of traditional wake-up sounds).

These alarms are not aimed at waking you up at all costs. If you are in a very deep sleep, it could happen that your brain will continue to dream. So, don’t use these alarms if you absolutely need to wake up to catch a plane, or to go to a meeting. In this case, combine them with a traditional, intrusive alarm, maybe set 5 minutes later.



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