Insomnia SketchBook

After 3 years of remote work, I finally got to meet the Insomnia SketchBook audience (in this photo, just before one of the performances in IRCAM’s Espace de Projection, last week).

A project coordinated by IRCAM (world-class research center for electronic music, psycho-acoustics and informatics, in Paris) and C-LAB (its twin, in Taipei).

The Insomnia SketchBook is a robotic system immersed in darkness, where two LED modules float in the air and dance with an immersive sound space which reacts to their movements, and to the symbolisms they suggest.

The system and the light choreography were curated by the Taiwanese collective Luxury Logico. I had the honour of creating the sound for it. Thomas Goepfer and Clément Cerles from IRCAM have designed and programmed a complex sound spatialization system, composed of 2 WFS lines dedicated to the movements of the LED modules, and a third multi-loudspeakers system, surrounding the audience.

At this link ->
a video presentation of the project.


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